Q-dice - Qantum powered dice roller - Introduction

Usually computers use numerical methods to generate random numbers. These are called pseudo-random number generators and, as the name implies, are not truly randomly generator. True random number generators can use physical phenomena, virtually impossible to predict, to generate random numbers. Some of these use methods based on optical properties, radiation, raindrops, or even lava-lamps!

VCO Project - Initial design Pt1

During the past month I’ve been slowly gathering information and designing the VCO’s architecture based on the specifications stated on my last post. Here’s a reminder: Inputs CV 1V/octave FM in Gate in PWM in Output

VCO Project - Introduction and sponsorship

Introduction It has been a while since I had the idea in my head of building and eurorack modular synthesizer. But since is so expensive, I’ve been thinking of building some modules by myself. And some weeks ago I was contacted by Digitspace with the intent of making a sponsored project using parts from their website.

Pixels Camp Badge - PCBWAY

It was been a while since the last update. I’ve been improving the software drivers for the LED matrix IC. I was waiting until I finished that to publish the follow-up to the last blog post. But in the meantime, I was contacted by PCBWAY’s marketing department about the project.

Pixels Camp Badge - Soldering the matrix

Last night I decided to have a go at soldering one of the new led matrix PCBs using the stencil. Although I’d already soldered some boards with solderpaste and stencil, these were always done on a proper stencil machine. I took the solder paste out of the freezer and while it was warming up to room temperature I cleaned the stencil and the boards.

Pixels Camp Badge Design Part 1 - Design Choices

Oh boy! One more edition of Pixels Camp! The hype was unreal. My preparation for Pixels Camp stared way earlier, in September. This year I wanted to bring something new and different. Since I’m no good with API’s and web projects, I decided to make something that I’m good at, and that is hardware!