VCO Project - Initial design Pt1

During the past month I’ve been slowly gathering information and designing the VCO’s architecture based on the specifications stated on my last post. Here’s a reminder: Inputs CV 1V/octave FM in Gate in PWM in Output

VCO Project - Introduction and sponsorship

Introduction It has been a while since I had the idea in my head of building and eurorack modular synthesizer. But since is so expensive, I’ve been thinking of building some modules by myself. And some weeks ago I was contacted by Digitspace with the intent of making a sponsored project using parts from their website.

Pixels Camp Badge - PCBWAY

It was been a while since the last update. I’ve been improving the software drivers for the LED matrix IC. I was waiting until I finished that to publish the follow-up to the last blog post. But in the meantime, I was contacted by PCBWAY’s marketing department about the project.

Pixels Camp Badge - Soldering the matrix

Last night I decided to have a go at soldering one of the new led matrix PCBs using the stencil. Although I’d already soldered some boards with solderpaste and stencil, these were always done on a proper stencil machine. I took the solder paste out of the freezer and while it was warming up to room temperature I cleaned the stencil and the boards.

Pixels Camp Badge Design Part 1 - Design Choices

Oh boy! One more edition of Pixels Camp! The hype was unreal. My preparation for Pixels Camp stared way earlier, in September. This year I wanted to bring something new and different. Since I’m no good with API’s and web projects, I decided to make something that I’m good at, and that is hardware!