Pixels Camp Badge - Soldering the matrix

Last night I decided to have a go at soldering one of the new led matrix PCBs using the stencil. Although I’d already soldered some boards with solderpaste and stencil, these were always done on a proper stencil machine.

I took the solder paste out of the freezer and while it was warming up to room temperature I cleaned the stencil and the boards. Using some old (and new) boards and some tape, I hacked together the stencil and the board.

I then applied the paste:

The application when pretty well, all the pads got the right amount of paste and nothing seemed to be out of alignment.

After this I fired up some podcasts, got my 351 LEDs ready and started placing them.

This took me about 2h with regular sanity brakes. Aside from one or two tombstoned LEDs, everything went pretty well.

And finally, testing with the control board: